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Timber Kits

Taking component supply a stage further 


Packed and labelled finished components, delivered just in time 

  • reduce your raw material stock 
  • reduce your production costs 
  • reduce your waste 
  • improve your efficiencies 
  • improve your competitiveness 


Timber kit supply is a groundbreaking initiative developed by Bayram Timber with our key customers in the leisure homes sector. Over the last eight years Bayram have invested in the concept of kit supply in order to flex with customer demand cycles. This supply format is gaining momentum with timber end users as their focus turns to assembly and reduced stock,
bringing efficiencies and savings. 

  • We import and stock sawn timber 
  • We match your sizes and profiles 
  • We plane the timber in our mill 

Then, where traditional formats of timber supply ends, we continue

  • We hold your stock 
  • We cut the timber to length 
  • We recycle the waste 
  • We add the notches, bevels, drill holes and t-nuts to our customers specifications 
  • We pack and label to your packing lists 
  • We deliver to you ‘just in time’ 
  • We collect and re-use the pallets 

Make use of our expert consultation in this field to help the transition from raw material to component supply as painless as possible. If you are considering the efficiencies of kitted timber, then please call us on 01482 633388.