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Environmental policy

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Since Bayram Timber began, our founders and dedicated team members have been aware of our environmental impact. It’s our mission to balance our business goals with securing the future of our industry, and our planet.  

Environmental issues are at the heart of our business and trickle through the decisions we make on a daily basis. We keep on top of legislation and welcome new regulations that genuinely reduce our impact.

It’s our policy to use only slow grown softwoods from sustainable European forests. In line with this commitment, the majority of our supply mills are FSC®- and PEFC™-certified to support sustainable forest management. 

What’s more, our biomass heating systems enable us to recycle all our timber waste to heat our substantial factory areas. It’s a system that’s kind to the environment, and an effective use of our waste products.

BSW Group company

As a BSW Group company, we have a shared will to create value, achieve sustainable growth and eliminate inefficiencies. We know that we have a responsibility to help drive positive change. 

That’s why we’ve developed this comprehensive policy statement to provide the framework for setting and reviewing environmental performance. 

Bayram Timber activities include:

The importation of timber supplies

The manufacture of timber products

As a business, we are committed to becoming more sustainable the more we grow. We will do this through a programme of continuous improvement at all levels, ensuring all employees are made aware of the steps they can take to reduce their environmental footprint. We’re also committed to minimising:

Harmful emissions that negatively impact our planet

All form of energy consumption

The consumption of all materials across the organisation through careful planning

Visual intrusion and noise pollution that would otherwise impact the local environment

Waste output by implementing recycling initiatives

Environmental ignorance through better education internally

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