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Bespoke machining to profile

A popular choice for architectural features, park lodges, garden offices, summerhouses and saunas, Thermowood® is highly resistant to decay and rot. It’s a durable, environmentally friendly cladding material that can be painted or left unfinished, weathering to silver grey in colour.

Patented heat treatment

Produced using a patented thermal modification process, which has a lasting effect on the technical properties of softwood. This effectively creates a new wood species that’s highly durable and similar to a hardwood.

Environmentally sound

Low energy consumption compared to pressure-treated timber, and no chemicals are used in the treatment process – only steam. Our FSC®-certified softwood is sourced from sustainably managed forests in Finland and milled in the UK, eliminating any environmental concerns associated with tropical hardwood.

Highly durable and low maintenance

Thermowood® has an expected life service of 30 years. It’s suitable for external use without the need for chemical wood treatment, thanks to its natural durability and removal of resin during the thermal modification process. This makes it more durable than treated softwoods, limiting the potential for cracking, shrinkage and decay.

Cedar and larch cladding

The natural choice for modern, energy-efficient architecture.

Western red cedar is a naturally durable, British Colombian-grown timber, legally and sustainably harvested from public forests in Western Canada. It does not require any chemical treatment for external use, making it highly energy efficient and biodegradable.

Cedar is a  modern architectural choice, particularly for feature cladding on public or commercial buildings. Its also widely used on lodge cladding and luxury garden buildings.

We don’t restrict our cedar cladding to off-the-shelf product lines. Instead, we can machine to order subject to agreed volume, meeting your precise profile requirements.

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