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Timber Kits

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We’ve worked closely with customers in the leisure homes sector, transforming finished components into groundbreaking timber kits with just-in-time delivery.

Our packed and labelled timber kits are popular with end-users who want to:

Reduce raw material stock footprint

Lower production costs

Minimise waste 

Improve efficiencies

Increase competitiveness 

Enhance production capability

Where traditional timber supply ends, we go further. Here’s our 10-step process:

  • 1. We import sustainably sourced, stock sawn timber
  • 2. We match your sizes and profiles precisely
  • 3. We plane the timber in our advanced mill
  • 4. We hold your stock until it’s required
  • 5. We cut your timber to length
  • 6. We recycle any waste
  • 7. We add notches, bevels, drill holes and T-nuts to your specification
  • 8. We pack and label to your packing lists
  • 9. We deliver to you just-in-time against agreed production scheduling driven by our customers
  • 10. We collect and re-use the pallets
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